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Handy Food Innovation Limited (Handy Food) is the creation of Founder and CEO, Samuel Dennigan. Handy Food is a new venture which promises to bring new, innovative, status-quo challenging and diverse products to various food retail categories in supermarkets and food retailers in Europe. 


Firstly, Handy Food have launched their new “Strong Roots” range into the market, which is a first for Ireland and now also to the UK retailers, food service and beyond into central and northern Europe and the USA.


Our ‘Strong Roots’ range will first be marketed from the aisles of the frozen vegetable section of retailers. Strong Roots is a top shelf, premium branded product which will focus on convenience and free-from, healthy-alternative and on trend vegetables. Initially sweet potato will be the focus and then others and other premium, frozen and chilled meal solutions will follow, produced in Ireland where supply allows. 


Samuel wants to unite his 12 years food business experience with his strong creative background working in brands and new product development to create a visionary food company that brings only innovative and exciting on-trend products to the food industry. 


Food trends and food development comes nearly exclusively from the worlds top chefs and restaurants, only a minimal few concepts filter down to the retail industry and become economically viable, shelf suitable products for general consumption. We believe all food should be ‘Handy Food’ and thus we aim to bring taste, convenience and quality to all consumers at affordable value and local availability with sustainability as a priority. Ireland can be a food export capital in horticulture if we engineer our offering. Working at farm level with producers will be key and being fed science and innovation from the centers of innovation will be vital. 


For more information please visit our website:

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